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The Boathouse – A rainy trip to Palm Beach

Yesterday was Australia Day. A Thursday…. So it was pretty obvious I should take the Wednesday and Friday off work and spend the long weekend with some friends on the Central Coast NSW. Sydney summer is something to be enjoyed as often as possible… Unfortunately as the rest of the country swelters, and facebook newsfeeds fill with happy snaps of various sunny beaches… you know the pics I mean? When the photographer angles the camera to include his or her own legs/feet and then the sparkling blue waters…. well…. anyway, I’m pretty confident none of these photographers have been in NSW this week…. definitely no chance of skin cancer… So after 3 days of sitting in inside watching the rain we decided to brave the half an hour ferry ride over to Palm Beach for a little lunch…

We were warned to get to The Boathouse by noon or wait a long time for a table. No problem. We were fine for a table but the queue to order was very long all day! We were waiting for Ben’s cousin to join us so we started with some coffees and these were the best coffees of my recent Sydney visits… A big compliment from a Melbourne coffee snob! After coffees we thought we should order something to nibble on while we waited and I took charge… and Ben’s wallet… and ordered half a dozen oysters and a “bucket of prawns”. I tried to order a bottle of Petaluma Rielsing for a very reasonable $36 but they were out so we had the Knappstein instead… Same same delish!


Oysters with champagne & eschalot dressing
Bucket of tiger prawns with whole wheat bread and house made seafood sauce

I was actually pretty full after this start to a meal… Big serves I promise…. nothing to do with being too piggy! Mains were also excellent, steak sandwich, chicken panini, salt & pepper squid and fish and chips. Self-claimed the best on the Northern beaches… They were pretty good, the big fat chips especially…. More coffees after and a couple of mini cheesecakes.

fish and chips
cheeky cheesecake

We caught the 5pm ferry back to Wagstaff…. Kinda full of food and wine… There were a lot of warning signs on the top deck of the ferry… beware of the horn sounding…. beware of valuables… and probably most concerning for a girl who wore her special silk shorts for the Palm beach trip…. beware of seaspraySupressing flashbacks of a past Rotto ferry trip I put my head down and laughed my way through the 15 minutes of open water…  Here is a picture of Ed who is finishing up a long holiday from work… and was hoping to catch a few days of Sydney sun… didn’t happen but he really seemed to enjoy the day out of the house…

Happy Ed

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2 thoughts on “The Boathouse – A rainy trip to Palm Beach

  1. What delish pics! My votes are for the Cheeky Cheesecake! And also for wearing silk shorts with sea spray … nature should never hold back fashion 🙂

  2. Agree Nish but nothing will hold back Nature

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