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Brunch with a bridesmaid… in Beechworth

We woke up after a wonderful winery wedding in Beechworth with a few sore heads. Lunch didn’t start until 1pm but food was required immediately so we headed up the main st of Beechworth for some brunch. Beeline for the Beechworth Bakery… but were scared away by the crowds and found the Beechworth Pantry. I was pretty keen on a pie and decided it was perfectly acceptable to eat a pie for brekkie (brunch?) when you have a sore head.. So I did… and it was excellent!

Chicken and vegie pie

And then obviously, as per my rule: every meal needs dessert, I just had to try this tangy, raspberry, meringue, cream deliciousness of dessert and will drive 3 1/2 hours again just to eat another piece… definitely!

INCREDIBLE raspberry cakey thing.... I wish I could remember the name of it!!