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Creole with clients at My Mexican Cousin

Client entertaining at My Mexican Cousin was an interesting experience that I have been thinking about for a few days before starting this post… I was chatting about it to some friends earlier today, in this week’s episode of the Northside brunch challenge, and one of them told me about a food blogger, BurgerMary, who wrote an honest and critical review of the menu when MMC first opened. In a surprising and humble response, the powers that be at MMC hired her as a menu consultant… but then, perhaps equally surprisingly at the end of her contract, changed a bunch of her well advised revisions prompting her to once again update her story. BurgerMary obviously has deep knowledge of Creole food and seems super-qualified to comment. Reading her blog and the comments feed made me realise that I am definitely not qualified to talk specifics and origins of food and I hope when you guys read my blog you understand that it’s more like a food commentary. Experiences that I like and sometimes things that I don’t, because food and dining experience is obviously super subjective! Woot! Just wanted to make that clear!

Now back to our meal. It started a little ominously… We had called the day before to book as we were taking VERY IMPORTANT CLIENTS (…. they will like that!):

“Can we please book for five peeps at 12:30 tomorrow?”
“Nope, don’t worry about it you will be fine to get a table at 12:30 for five people.”

When we arrived, five people at 12:30, on a VERY hot afternoon the inside of the restaurant was full. The waitress looked around as she mumbled:

“Sorry, we’re pretty busy as we have a big booking coming in shortly”

Pretty annoying right? Given we had tried to book..? Anyway, we got a table outside… pretty hot… We ordered cornbread and chicken drumsticks immediately to quell what could have been a dangerous situation had Cyclone Stacey been unleashed. You know what they say about getting between a hungry woman and her food… DON’T.

Deep fried chicken drumsticks with blue cheese sauce

The chicken and blue cheese sauce was very rich and very delicious. The cornbread was equally tasty and was complimented by butter… and in my case more blue cheese sauce… We decided to order a bunch of dishes to share as the menu was quite different… As I mentioned above I have done a bit of research on MMC since we ate there, but before I knew anything about it I can tell you we were confused about where the inspiration for the menu came from (I have since seen the Creole-pedia on the website that explains more… but the website menu is not current, so some of my descriptions are based on my shaky memory). As I was eating I could taste different flavours that reminded me of Indian and Middle Eastern food. oops… Lots of pics below… because we ate A LOT and it looked very pretty!

Fried crocodile with fennel salad

Second day in a row eating crocodile… Final opinion is that it’s a cross between calamari and chicken… Doesn’t have much of it’s own flavour so it relies on good flavour additions to the dish.

Empanada style pie filled with pumpkin, and spices on zucchini mash

This “Jamaican Hand Pie” was FABULOUS! Maybe my favourite dish! Just such tasty vego flavours. The fried soft shell crab worked well with watermelon and chilli salad that you can’t see hidden underneath.

Soft-shell crab with watermelon salad

We ordered two serves of the beef ribs (slow cooked for 48 hours and then flash fried) and the creole chicken for main, perfectly accompanied by creole rice and a butter lettuce, candied pecan & goats cheese salad.

slow cooked beef short rib with red cabbage coleslaw
Creole chicken
Creole rice

You are now beginning to understand that this particular lunch gang are all good eaters right…? Now check out the desserts we shared! The pastry-doughnut things were out of this world!!!! Oh God… I almost had to lick the salted chocolate dish clean… almost, but thankfully regained my composure before embarrassing my colleagues..

Creme brulee with nuts and caramelised banana bits
Dark chocolate mousse with pulped orange, raspberry coulis & cream
Pastry, doughnut-thingys with salted chocolate & chantilly cream

Overall my MMC experience was excellent! Even though we had a little hiccup with booking in the beginning, and sat out in the heat, the food trumped all. It was really, really rich and as you can see by how many times I have written “fried” unlikely to rate well in a weight watchers survey… But I really, really enjoyed it and would def go back for more creole “influenced” food when I need a rich lunch (and no dinner)…
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