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Munchies at Misuzu’s…

Delicious dinner with the lovely ladies at Misuzu’s! A restaurant with 3 doorways… One end is meant to be lighter and less expensive. Izakaya style – a drinking place first with food to accompany. The other end is a more formal japanese restaurant. And in the middle it’s take-away for the lucky Albert Park locals.

An old favourite! A very special old favourite for some… we witnessed a proposal on this particular evening… really only given away by the excited squeal of the lucky lady!

We shared a bunch of starters, a little sashimi and a sneaky, and super tasty bottle of Riesling…

Crispy free range chicken tossed in black bean sauce
Pork gyoza
Crispy tofu in dashi broth with enoki tempura

Misuzu’s is always delicious and always pretty ext… Save it up for the special people!

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