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French on the south bank of the Yarra

A work lunch at Bistro Guillaume was the order of this particular Friday… It was the type of lunch that started with an Aperol Spritz.. you know the type?? The type of lunch where you don’t put the delish food photos on facebook until much later in the evening when everyone else from work has had enough drinks (aperol spritz’s??) to maybe not put the timeline together..

Aperol Spritz

I hadn’t heard much about the refurbished restaurant or the new, more casual menu. I never went to the old one but heard it was VERY french and VERY expensive.

We had a lovely (long) lunch. 3 courses actually. A light steak tartare (my favourite french dish), so good that I ate it before I took a pic… oops, a light prawn salad, and then definitely the course dessert… check it out!

King prawn with avocado cream, tomato, croutons and cos lettuce
dessert trio. AMAZING

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