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Clean and Lean cooking at home… by me… Frank… YUM!

So, I have recently been trialling the Clean and Lean phenomena… It’s kind of obvious but sometimes you just need someone to write it in a book and thanks to James Duigan I have been cooking some amazing meals at home. This is not bride diet by the way… It’s way too early to start that. I have definitely been interspersing Clean and Lean with the odd cheesecake or two… hhmmmm…

A couple of awesome brekkies:

Oat and ricotta pancake served with greek yogurt and strawberries
Poached eggs on asparagus

And a couple of dinners:

Turkey burger on cape seed roll (not exactly Clean and Lean… bread = bad but at least it’s super grainy)
Cajun chicken served on quinoa and avocado with a capsicum, asparagus & corn salsa

Lucky groom don’t you think?!

Delicious and healthy but also expensive and fiddlely…. I wonder how long I will last…

4 thoughts on “Clean and Lean cooking at home… by me… Frank… YUM!

  1. It is pretty amazing!! That bring said, I smashed some ebi mayo at ichi ni today…

  2. Oh I miss that place! I reckon we take our next Dunch there! X

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