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Friday feasting in South Melbourne…

Another good day to work in South Melbourne… I started my day with an early morning spin class at South Melbourne Rec. A very positive move from someone intending to eat out for both breakfast and lunch… a negative move in fashion stakes though… So annoying having to plan your outfit the night before… especially when you have a bit of a late one… So I ended up heading to breakfast looking super cool in a pair of denim┬áknee-length jeans (?!?), two sizes too small… dammit! And also no jacket, on a morning where autumn was well and truly showing her presence… double dammit…

First up, a breakfast meeting at St Ali. First we had to do a quick drive-by Freshwater Place to pick up one of the attendees…. That shows the love we have for St Ali… that we would do a round trip to pick up and drop off our buddy to eat a quick brekkie. Had a great gossip session over a couple of yoghurt boards and Stacey’s breakfast antipasto – A made-up breakfast of sides with seemingly no central focus but when combined it made perfect sense…. Similar to our conversations really….

Yoghurt, chunky muesli & poached plums

This was a case of me ordering light as I knew I was out for lunch later that day. Pretty tasty light brekkie but it’s hard to go to St Ali and not eat My Mexican Cousin…. mmmmmm…. must eat corn fritters…
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Lunchtime was another girls gossip session… Obviously in between the gossip, we had some serious work discussions too right…? FUN! The weather had improved drastically since the morning and it was actually too hot to walk to Lamaro’s from Clarendon St. I have already written about Lamaro’s on my blog but I just love eating and telling you about it so I figured since it’s so delish, it worthy of a second story. Also I ate very different dishes this time. We shared the tasting plate between three. It was HUGE! On the menu it says “a seasonal selection of tasty morsels for the land, sea and garden”. No kidding!

The incredible tasting plate

Let’s play spotto from the top: I can see quick fried prawns, goats chess fritters, salami, prosciutto, marinated mushrooms, pickled onions, gherkins, mini toasts, olives, relish, pate, rillette, beetroot salad and…. PORK BELLY!!!! wahooo!! Seriously impressive! And easily enough for the three of us!… ooh I forgot breadsticks too! ha!

For mains it was nearly three for three on the raviolo special. Pumpkin filled and topped with burnt butter sauce, walnuts and chives but Lise couldn’t go past the parma… An old favourite. I sensed a minor case of food envy on her part. I also forgot to take pics before we had hoed in too much… Oops. But I did take dessert pics of Jocks sorbets and the yummy chocolate fondant.
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Great day… great, great day! and for dinner… peanuts and rose… Woot!!

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An Iron Man at the Middle Park

Now this was a super dinner for a couple of key reasons… One: It was an early dinner ( I would eat dinner at 6pm every night if it was socially acceptable) and Two: the company included a good friend of mine who is about 6 months ahead of me in the wedding planning game. This is handy as you can actually talk about weddings down to the most minute detail without boring anyone and I need all the help I can get…

We *forgot* to make a booking and rocked up to The Middle Park Hotel at 7:30 with a strict curfew to be home by 9:30pm (explained later). No problems getting a table in the dining room and we quickly ordered sparkling mineral water… I am the only one actually, officially not drinking this month, however we were all feeling like a dinner light on alcoholic support. I LOVE sparkling mineral water. I have before, and will again, spend more money on water than wine… oops!! Another reason for not ordering a bottle of wine was the 2nd groom-to-be at the table was just wrapping up a week that consisted of normal, busy working life, being a good fiance and attending to his half of the wedding chore list, and over 26 hours of hard-core training for the Melbourne Iron Man…. riiigggghhhhttt! I guess he needed his MASSIVE t-bone then… and we all needed an early night!

We started with a delicious trio of seafood dishes: calamari, tuna tartare and oysters – a rock oyster and a pacific oyster each. I am still learning with oysters. I have really only started enjoying them in the last 6 months and need to work out which I prefer… I thought the smaller, less salty rock oysters would win but I actually really enjoyed the salty mixed in with the champagne and shallot dressing. YAY ME!!

calamari with radicchio & tartare
Tuna tartare with avo, pomegranate, herb salad & sesame seeds

For mains it was MEAT CENTRAL! The Iron Man and wife both tucked into delish (big) steaks accompanied by yummy shoestring fries and salads and Ben and I were tempted by different barnyard buddies; the duck and the pig… WOOT!

Roast duck with sweet potato pancakes, blackberries & a super rich jus
Black suckling pig with heirloom tomato, beetroot, potato puree.... WOW

Too full for dessert on this occasion but there was a chocolate sundae that I am definitely heading back for… and probably a wine or two next time!

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Lamaro’s – a picture perfect pub meal

A local to my workplace and a regular for Friday lunches. This is somewhere I return to often… the biggest compliment for any restaurant.. If the walls could talk at Lamaro’s, the peeps in my industry would be shaking in their boots! The most annoying thing about this wonderful gastro pub is how stringent the parking inspectors can be dammit!

Delicious seafood entrees at Lamaro's

There are a number of separate areas; a bar, a main dining room and private dining rooms to ensure all media secrets are kept secrets and I guess, to also facilitate many different eating and drinking occasions! This place is a brilliant lunch venue (lucky me) and also a brilliant function venue.

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