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Clean and Lean cooking at home… by me… Frank… YUM!

So, I have recently been trialling the Clean and Lean phenomena… It’s kind of obvious but sometimes you just need someone to write it in a book and thanks to James Duigan I have been cooking some amazing meals at home. This is not bride diet by the way… It’s way too early to start that. I have definitely been interspersing Clean and Lean with the odd cheesecake or two… hhmmmm…

A couple of awesome brekkies:

Oat and ricotta pancake served with greek yogurt and strawberries
Poached eggs on asparagus

And a couple of dinners:

Turkey burger on cape seed roll (not exactly Clean and Lean… bread = bad but at least it’s super grainy)
Cajun chicken served on quinoa and avocado with a capsicum, asparagus & corn salsa

Lucky groom don’t you think?!

Delicious and healthy but also expensive and fiddlely…. I wonder how long I will last…

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A Mexican Long Weekend…

A lot of delicious cooking happened this weekend… of the Mexican variety…

Slow cooked pork tacos that took eight hours… yum, the house smelt amazing… served with thinly sliced, mango & cucumber and garnished with chilli & coriander

Slow cooked pork tacos with sliced mango, cucumber, coriander & chilli

And snack-time nachos that took approximately five minutes… Double YUMMO!

Nacho snacks - salsa & mexican cheese blend

Now I need a week of lettuce and exercise dammit!

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Restaurant quality at home (not my home)…

A really special dinner… for a couple of reasons…

Mainly because it was spent with my in-laws to be… and also because the chefs for the evening take such pleasure in entertaining and the whole meal preperation took place central to our conversation. I just love open-plan! We arrived and our menu was written on the chalkboard in the kitchen


We chatted as the sides were created in front of us and the fish cooked on the balcony BBQ…

sweet potato & goats cheese getting mashed

Dinner is served…

mash, fish & coriander salad

Amazing! Thanks for having us guys! We will come again please!


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A homemade starfish – dessert…

Check out this incredible dessert mum created with some figs, mascarpone mix (lemon zest, honey & limoncello) and roasted pistachios sprinkled on top…

Mum's starfish dessert
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It’s all about the fresh herbs….

This is my favourite lasange recipe from Grossi Florentino’s Secrets and Recipes book….

homemade lasagne - Grossi Florentino style

One hour of simmering to go…

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My Prettiest Roast

A colourful dinner

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Dinner with the pregnant peeps…

This could be anyone in my life at the mo as it really does feel like EVERYONE is pregnant! The majority of the food was fetus-friendly, except for the prosciutto platter. Our host took influence for the simple platter from Jamie Oliver and served it on a wooden chopping board inscribed with Jamie’s name. A coincidence we were told. ha!

A delicious BBQ followed and it wasn’t cooked to well-done much to everyone’s delight including the mums-to-be!

Thanks guys for a perfect saturday BBQ before wedding season kicks into gear again.