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2011 – a year in review

I am worried that I might run a bit dry for posts in 2012 given I have just locked in two short overseas holidays this year, and I am getting married in December… bank balance negative… uh oh! Luckily I had a HUGE year of eating last year so was thinking that in between 2012 updates we might stick in a few posts with last year’s eating… just to keep it fresh!

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Hhhmmmm… This is interesting…

I have spent a lot of time telling people that the internet is not that tricky… Don’t get scared by all the acronyms etc etc…. So it’s only taken me 4 hours (FOREVER!) to set this puppy up… hhhmmmm… And now it’s time for bed.

I could just be scared that I have finally done it and now I need to do something with it. uhoh… Maybe I will sleep on it and then will have plenty to populate it with in the morning.

Good night.