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An Iron Man at the Middle Park

Now this was a super dinner for a couple of key reasons… One: It was an early dinner ( I would eat dinner at 6pm every night if it was socially acceptable) and Two: the company included a good friend of mine who is about 6 months ahead of me in the wedding planning game. This is handy as you can actually talk about weddings down to the most minute detail without boring anyone and I need all the help I can get…

We *forgot* to make a booking and rocked up to The Middle Park Hotel at 7:30 with a strict curfew to be home by 9:30pm (explained later). No problems getting a table in the dining room and we quickly ordered sparkling mineral water… I am the only one actually, officially not drinking this month, however we were all feeling like a dinner light on alcoholic support. I LOVE sparkling mineral water. I have before, and will again, spend more money on water than wine… oops!! Another reason for not ordering a bottle of wine was the 2nd groom-to-be at the table was just wrapping up a week that consisted of normal, busy working life, being a good fiance and attending to his half of the wedding chore list, and over 26 hours of hard-core training for the Melbourne Iron Man…. riiigggghhhhttt! I guess he needed his MASSIVE t-bone then… and we all needed an early night!

We started with a delicious trio of seafood dishes: calamari, tuna tartare and oysters – a rock oyster and a pacific oyster each. I am still learning with oysters. I have really only started enjoying them in the last 6 months and need to work out which I prefer… I thought the smaller, less salty rock oysters would win but I actually really enjoyed the salty mixed in with the champagne and shallot dressing. YAY ME!!

calamari with radicchio & tartare
Tuna tartare with avo, pomegranate, herb salad & sesame seeds

For mains it was MEAT CENTRAL! The Iron Man and wife both tucked into delish (big) steaks accompanied by yummy shoestring fries and salads and Ben and I were tempted by different barnyard buddies; the duck and the pig… WOOT!

Roast duck with sweet potato pancakes, blackberries & a super rich jus
Black suckling pig with heirloom tomato, beetroot, potato puree.... WOW

Too full for dessert on this occasion but there was a chocolate sundae that I am definitely heading back for… and probably a wine or two next time!

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