happy frank at attica

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happy frank at attica
happy frank at attica

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Pretty sure if you’re reading this, then you know me… and you are likely relieved that I have moved my obsession with food off your newsfeeds! Hopefully I will update frank’s place as much as I did before… and you can check it out on your own terms…

You can go to the facebook page if you want to ask me any questions, otherwise I will just be posting away my dining experiences…

In the case you don’t know me… I am a melbourne girl through and through, even though I was born in hong kong and spent my formative years in sydney. Though I miss beautiful beaches on the doorstep, melbourne is addictive and I am addicted. So much so, I even love the unpredictable weather. My biggest obsession is food. Eating food. Cooking food. Talking about food… talking is probably my favourite. The iphone is my friend and with a couple of great editing tools, some of my pics aren’t half bad… they’re probably not half good either… but they do the trick and will be core content for this blog. My three housemates; ben, bob and alaska, will likely feature in these pages. bob and alsaka because they are cute and ben because he is awesome… and also a winemaker, which is super complimentary to my obsession. Lucky me…

That is all.

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