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A Happy Hen at The Argo

It’s February and I am four days sober…. I feel great but had my first real challenge today with a beautiful friend’s hens day… Wow, that sounds like the start of an AA meeting… I am being overly dramatic… I can still have fun without drinking obviously… I am choosing to ignore the other non-drinker for the day (who apparently thinks being pregnant is a better excuse) who told me: “you are boring when you don’t drink! Now who am I going to laugh at?” Well, I can think of a few… Just sayin’

Anyway, anyway…. Back to The Argo. What a great lunch was had! Super value too and really good service. An example, the paid-for drinks time was about to expire and after giving us a 20 minute warning, rather than just letting if go if we hadn’t gone up to the bar to re-fill, the guys came around and filled up everyone’s glasses one last time.

We sat in the wine pod, a room with walls of wine racks filled with stock bottles (not at all tempting for one on Febfast…. Lucky I saw the cameras before anyone did anything silly) We had a three course set menu with two different pizzas and a salad for entree, a choice of three mains for lunch and churros (spanish doughnuts) with chocolate dipping sauce for dessert.

The beautiful hen with her first drink
Salmon accompanied by shoestring fries and salad... I might have eaten a sweet pea or two
asparagus, fontina & pea risotto

Key out-take for the day. Highly recommend The Argo for functions. They have a few other spaces too in case you think temptation might be too great in the wine pod. Another key out-take… I am definitely more fun when I have a champagne or two at hens days… Shame I have another one and an engagement party this month…

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