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lunching Italian-style at Southbank…

Italian would have to be in my top 3 cuisines… not so good for clean and lean though so this lunch was going to be a slight challenge…. NO PASTA FRANK!!

Convenience was the reason we chose Tutto Bene at Southbank for this catch up with an old client, now friend. But, this location was going to tick off a box that probably should have been ticked off years ago. “You haven’t had a risotto at Tutto Bene?!? And you call yourself a Melbournian?!”

It was freezing, therefore it could have been any day for the last 6 months right…? Anyway, enough weather whingeing.. See, I told you I was a Melbournian… We were sat outside in a kind of sheltered area to watch the action (mostly just peeps running from one shelter from the rain to the next, as they navigated their way down the banks of the Yarra). It was warmer than it sounds on the balcony but I have no doubt on a sunny day that balcony would be a coveted spot. I perused the menu ignoring the sections I most wanted…. pasta and risotto and looking to the protein section. I’ll be having the duck special thanks..

Tuuto Bene duck special

And it was sensational. “It doesn’t look like duck” I hear you say. And you are right, it was taken off the bone and pressed into this delicious little square. YUM!

Of course there was a risotto in the group and it also looked pretty speccy…

7 weeks ’til the wedding and then I have added it to my list once everything is signed, sealed, delivered… if you know what I mean…

A lovely lunch was had by all, with definite intentions to return and maybe watch a little more exciting action down on the banks of the Yarra.

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